Analysis of TFT liquid crystal display maintenance methods

Issuing time:2021-04-28 10:48

TFT-LCD screen is a thin film transistor type LCD screen, that is, "true color" (TFT). TFT liquid crystal is equipped with a semiconductor switch for each pixel, each pixel can be directly controlled through the point pulse, so each node is relatively independent, and can be controlled continuously, not only improve the response speed of the display, but also can accurately control the display color level, so the color of TFT liquid crystal is more true.

TFT LCD screen is more easily damaged than CRT screen, how to carry out maintenance?

One, how to clean TFT LCD screen

TFT LCD screen use for a period of time, you will find that the screen often adsorbed a layer of dust (after turning off the LCD side to see more obvious), sometimes also accidentally stuck on a variety of water stains, which will certainly greatly affect the visual effect, how to clean it?

1. First turn off the LCD power, and remove the power cord plug and the video card cable plug.

2. Move the LCD to a place with better natural light, so that you can see where the dust is, which is more conducive to targeting, so as to achieve better cleaning effect.

3. Cleaning TFT LCD screen does not need any special solution or cloth, experience tells us that water + soft non-fluff cloth or pure cotton non-flannelette cloth is the best TFT LCD screen cleaning tools (do not drop crumb paper towels). When cleaning, pure cotton flannelless cloth can be dipped in water and then slightly wrung dry, and then gently wipe the dust on the screen with a slightly wet soft non-fluff wet cloth (do not force the squeeze screen). When wiping, it is recommended to wipe the screen from one side to the other until all the clean, do not wipe it.

Tip: do not use hard cloth, hard paper wipe. At the same time, do not use alcohol or acetone containing cleaning fluid or detergent containing chemical components, more can not be directly sprayed to the screen surface, so as not to penetrate the liquid into the protective film.

4. After cleaning the LCD screen with a wet soft wet cloth, you can use a dry wet cloth to clean it again. Finally in the ventilated place to let the liquid crystal screen on the natural air drying can be.

II. Other maintenance points

1. Avoid vibration.

The LCD screen is very fragile, to avoid strong impact and vibration. More do not apply pressure to the LCD screen or in the LCD screen back cover collision, extrusion.

2. Avoid prolonged screen use.

Working for a long time is not a good thing for an LCD. Be sure to turn off the display power if you're not using it. For the same reason, be careful with wallpaper and screensaver when using LCD. Most of the wallpaper and screen saver screen color is gorgeous, light and shade change contrast is strong, long time use will make LCD color distortion, thus affecting the life of LCD display. Therefore, when using LCD, it is best to use a monochrome screen and remove the screensaver.

3. Anti-electromagnetic interference.

Both CRT and TFT LCD screens should be far away from objects with strong magnetic fields. Strong magnetic fields around the display will generate additional voltage inside the display, which will affect the stability of the display voltage. Long time in a strong magnetic field, will also make the color distortion, thus affecting the LCD display effect and life.

4. Watch out for moisture.

Do not let any moisture into the LCD, such as indoor humidity is too high LCD interior may produce condensation phenomenon, so that LCD leakage and short circuit, serious will burn the display. For some southern areas with greater humidity, the LCD can be placed in a warmer and dry place, and the back of the LCD screen can also be baked regularly with a small power lamp, so that the moisture in it evaporates.



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